European Forums

CRE participates in the forums created by the European Commission to facilitate discussions on a Community level of the market participants, regarding the aspects concerning the internal energy market regulation.

These forums allow the Commission, the national regulation bodies, the Member States and the interested parties to discuss both general and technical issues relating to sustaining the development of the internal market.

Florence Forum

Created in 1998, the Florence Forum is dedicated to the aspects of regulation concerning the electricity market. It meets twice per year.

 Florence Forum website

Madrid Forum

The Madrid Forum was created in 1999, modelled on the Florence Forum, for issues relating to the operation of the natural gas market. It meets twice per year.

 Madrid Forum website

London Forum

The Citizens’ Energy Forum, also known as the London Forum, deals with regulatory aspects concerning retail markets and the protection of the European electricity and natural gas consumers. Created in 2008 during the negotiations regarding the revision of the Community energy legislation, it meets once per year.

 London Forum website

Bucharest Forum

The Bucharest Forum is used as a discussion platform for market participants, on aspects related to the development of renewable energy sources and the promotion of energy efficiency. The first forum of this type took place in 2009. It meets once per year.

 Bucharest Forum website

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