Decision procedure

The implementation of the energy policy is a jurisdiction shared by the European Union and the Member States. The measures that are necessary to fulfil the European Union energy objectives are undertaken jointly by the European Parliament and the Council, upon proposal by the European Commission, according to the procedure known as "ordinary legislative procedure" or "co-decision".

 Co-decision procedure scheme

Depending on the nature of the legal acts adopted by the Community institutions, the measures implemented on a European level must be transposed to national laws if they are not directly applicable in the European Union Member States.

In particular, one must distinguish the directive – which provides an objective to be achieved by the Member States, while leaving them the choice of the means – from the regulations –all the parts of which are obligatory and directly applicable in all of the Member States.
 Legal acts of the European Union

Commission européenne

 The  Directorate General for Energy  is in charge of developing and implementing the European energy policy.

 The Directorate General for Competition is in charge of developing and implementing competition rules in the European Union.

 The Directorate General for Health and Consumers is in charge of developing and implementing consumer protection measures in the European Union.


The Energy Ministers of the European Union Member States meet within the   Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council (TTE) .

 Conseil The European Council , which gathers the Heads of State and government leaders of the European Union Member States, establishes the overall policy trends of the European Union.

European Parliament

The work of the European Parliament in regard to the energy policy is prepared by the  Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) , before being submitted to the  European Parliament Plenary Assembly for adoption

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